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Steve "Xie" Wilson
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United States
Hello thar, I'm Xie. Pronounced Ex-E. I am the lamest, tasteless, laziest son-of-a-bitch you will ever meet. Come on in and stare into my gallery and be amazed at the relative crap I have made over the years. Head on over to my group, WeaponDesigners. About 3,000 strong and a constant stream of original weapon concepts for your viewing pleasure. Or if neither of those suit you, feel free to drop by and leave comments on my page with suggestions on what I should attempt to make next. Nowadays it's mostly me just pushing out stuff I've been procrastinating on for quite a while and ideas are hit or miss. Anyway, welcome. Thanks for coming and I hope that either I or the WeaponDesigners group have left you with creations to either inspire you or just shatter your dreams. Either way, you're welcome. :3


So, apparently DeviantArt changed. Neat.
MR-240 Maverick Final by The-Xie
MR-240 Maverick Final
The MR-240 Maverick - Now with Retconned Lore DLC!

Hey look, the sun's up. Neat.


The MR-240 is/was a short run, experimental hybrid firing system, military grade revolver. The revolver itself worked like any other revolver, however the barrel was replaced with a miniature railgun system. The cartridge works like any other as well, with the only difference being the powder, which was a special Kelvium based gunpowder. When the "railvolver" is fired and the cartridge's powder ignites, besides creating enough pressure to expel the bullet, it also generates an electrical current, which is rigged to travel along with the bullet and keep pace with it. This current powers the railgun sections and accelerates the bullet to whatever speeds are needed, in this case however, 500 m/s.

The goal of this system was a sort of recoil negation and sound suppression, to which the system passed flawlessly. This hybrid system generates about 80% less recoil and 70% less noise than a traditional firing system. While the MR-240 itself hasn't gone far and is instead more of a collector's item, the system it harbored revolutionized firearm technology, with the hybrid system being placed on most new Vredden firearms.


Disclaimer: "Railvolver" is a fake copyrighted term and belongs solely to me and anyone who uses the term "railvolver" in any context without paying me an absurd amount of money will get sued out their wazoo. I'm srs.
Gimle System by The-Xie
Gimle System
Now with better organizational skills!

Went back and took the time to sit down with the system again. Gimle now has proper calculations in regards to planet and moon sizes, orbital trajectories and various other information. My goal is to put up pictures of the planets one by one with all their new information. So hopefully, for those of you into that sort of thing, you can look forward to that. On that same note, should anybody have any advice in regards to making custom planets, in particular making ones with predetermined continents and the like, give me a shout.
VTF-24 (In Progress) by The-Xie
VTF-24 (In Progress)
Uploading for criticism and suggestions. Still being worked on, so if you see something wrong or what have you, let me know.

Going back and rethinking certain aspects of the Berserker story. This time around, the aircraft. I had a general idea some time ago of what I wanted: Stealth being replaced by a heavily armored frame and cockpit, super-maneuverability and enough weaponry to claim dominance on both air and land without requiring a certain loadout. After throwing some designs around, settled with this as a base. It's still missing features like additional thrusters for VTOL and mobility, as well as the engine rework I want to throw at it, but as a base, this is it.

:Things to take note of:

-One pilot and one R.G.O. (Rear Gunnery Officer) | Pilot obviously has control of the plane and it's arms, however, due to the amount of weaponry these aircraft possess, an RGO is assigned to handle the more complicated weapons as well as act as an Electronic Warfare Officer. 

-Munitions Block | The VTF-24 comes with a modular rear munitions block, which can be swapped out for various weapons or attachments. In the picture, it is equipped with an AGAA-12 block, which has 46 tubes of, you guessed it, AGAA-12 missiles. These missiles can be configured to go after both air and ground targets.

-Six top wing pylon points | Should the need arise to bring yet even more weaponry into a fight, 6 pylons can be attached to the top of the wings which can then house anything from more missiles to additional fuel tanks.

-The engines formerly known as Kelvian | Same engines as my previous aircraft, however are undergoing a name and lore change. Will update when I figure out something that doesn't suck. The engines you see are actually 4, two more on the bottom. Will add more views in the future...hopefully.

-Maneuvering Thrusters (Not pictured) | While not there yet, the plane features multi-directional thrusters which allow it to quickly and accurately navigate in VTOL mode, allowing it to even maneuver through cities between buildings without slowing down to a crawl.

Will keep editing this as I complete more.
Photoshopping crap. Feel free to stop by. ;)
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